We are a local business that likes to support other local businesses. We take pride that our food is home cooked and that we use locally sourced meat and vegetables, from our pub classics like liver and bacon and beef lasagne to our bar snacks pick & mix menu to our lovely Sunday roast. We also sell local wine from Elham Valley and Folkestone honey behind the bar.


Lightly coated Tempura Prawns - £4.95
with a chilli dip served with a crisp side salad

Pate - £4.95
served with toast and red onion chutney

Deep fried whitebait - £3.95
served with fresh salad and lemon mayonnaise

Grilled mushroom - £4.95
topped with feta and red onion chutney served with a balsamic glaze and salad

Nachos - £4.95
with cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream

Main courses

8oz rump steak - £12.95
served with chips, onion rings, pan-fried tomato, mushrooms and peas. Add scampi for £4 extra

10oz locally sourced gammon steak - £9.95
served with egg or fresh pineapple, chips and peas

Beer battered cod & chips - £9.95
with peas, lemon and tartare sauce

Freshly griddled butterflied chicken breast with leeks and feta - £11.95
served with chips and peas

Pan fried sea bass (gf) - £13.95
served over sauteed potatoes and vegetables

8oz beef burger - £11.95
served with chips, onion rings and salad with coleslaw (add bacon, cheese or egg for £1, double up for £3)

1/4 lb vegetable burger (v) - £9.95
with melted cheese and salad served with chips, onion rings and a salsa dip

Cajun marinated pan-fried chicken burger - £11.95
served with chips, onion rings, salad and salsa

Creamy mushroom and leek tagliatelle - £8.95
served with garlic bread. Add chicken for £2 extra

Homemade pie of the week - £9.95
served with chips, fresh veg and gravy

Hunter's Chicken with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce - £10.95
served with chips and peas


Chips (v) - £2.50
Add cheese for £1

Garlic Bread - £1.95
Add cheese for £1

Side Salad (v) - £2.95


Scampi & Chips - £8.95
served with peas, lemon and tartare sauce

Sailor's Big Breakfast - £8.95
sausages, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, beans and toast

Chicken Tikka Masala - £8.95
with rice and naan bread

Ham, Egg & Chips (gf) - £8.95

Homemade beef or Vegetable (v) Lasagne - £8.95
with chips and garlic bread

Homemade Chilli Con Carne - £8.95
with rice


Fish Fingers & Chips - £4.50

Chicken Nuggets & Chips - £4.50

Sausage & Chips - £4.50

Scampi and Chips - £4.50

Tomato and Basil Pasta - £4.50

Pensioners Small Plates

Sausage, Egg and Chips - £6.50

Home made cottage pie - £6.50
with fresh vegetables

Hand beer battered fish and chips - £6.50
with peas and tartare sauce

Home made stew of the week - £6.50
with crusty half baguette

Tomato and Basil Pasta - £6.50
topped with grated cheese

Liver and bacon - £6.50
with onions, mash and gravy

Black Forest Gateau - £2.00
with cream

Mixed Ice Cream - £2.00
Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry